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shaders and media player classic

PostPosted: Saturday, 27.October 2012, 17:28
by ikam

Just for info, you can find inside media player classic (show -> pixel shader editor), many shaders compatible with customIPP (just a copy/paste)

just take care of constant register definition, so if you see for example :

float4 p0 : register(c0);

replace with

float4 p0 : register(c9);

remember in customIPP variable starts to c9 :

uniform float4 time : register(c9); // var0
uniform float4 var1 : register(c10); // var1
uniform float4 var2 : register(c11); // var2
uniform float4 var3 : register(c12); // var3
uniform float4 var4 : register(c13); // var4


Re: shaders and media player classic

PostPosted: Sunday, 28.October 2012, 04:17
by Skinnytorus
Very interesting. Thanks. Will play with that after I'm done with Amiga and stuff ;)