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Re: werkkzeug 4 texture art

PostPosted: Thursday, 03.January 2013, 13:13
by ikam
I like ancient, very nice.

Re: werkkzeug 4 texture art

PostPosted: Wednesday, 10.April 2013, 20:01
by DromPeter
Thank you very much for the compliments (expecially for calling me "master of textures"). :) Sorry for replying that late. I've had "some" very stressful days since my last post so I hadn't much time to create new graphics. But at this very moment I'm working on some new ones. Hope I can present them here soon.

Unfortunately I don't have time to do tutorials besides the textures I create. So I hope you can benefit from the files I released in this thread, though. Feel free to disassamble my files and use them to create tutorials :)

Thank you, too. :)

Re: werkkzeug 4 texture art

PostPosted: Saturday, 13.April 2013, 21:57
by DromPeter
It's me again :) After a few tries I finished a texture that shows the surface of the nano suit surface from the crysis game series. I hope you like it or at least know what to criticize particularly ;)

Here you are:

The texture: ... urface.png

The wz4 file:



Re: werkkzeug 4 texture art

PostPosted: Sunday, 14.April 2013, 08:24
by Skinnytorus
Not bad! I liked the use of Rotate. Goes to my wz4 tips and tricks treasure chest! :)) Thanks.