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FX collection

PostPosted: Monday, 02.July 2012, 16:05
by ikam

I thought it would be great that we work together to create and share a cool FX collection.

I start with a flamethower.

ps : just reuse the same wz4 file.

Re: FX collection

PostPosted: Monday, 02.July 2012, 18:17
by Skinnytorus
hi, ikam.
Good idea. I would expand your thought a bit further by suggesting we create a 'knowledge base' wz4 file with structured
examples, explicit comments and pipline descriptions. What do you think about that?

Re: FX collection

PostPosted: Tuesday, 03.July 2012, 17:28
by erbsen
Awesome ikam, but one thing: the fire-sprites are popping out. I´ve changed GrowMode to linear and FadeOut to 0,125.
I think your ideas are great. I haven´t done much, i´ll see what i can add. :)