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Multiply lights

PostPosted: Friday, 17.May 2013, 20:01
by nikitos75
Hi! Why in wz4 don't working multiplying. Of the lights? Objects with light multiplying with objects only, without light
In wz3 It's all ok,so why in wz4 it don'tworkin? Sorry for. So. Poor English

Re: Multiply lights

PostPosted: Friday, 17.May 2013, 20:48
by Skinnytorus
Hi there!
In wz3 a light op has only one light source (slot). In wz4 - 4 slots for simple material light and 8 slots for Mod material light.
IMO that's quite enough.

It seems to me that objects and lights are handled differently in terms of programming. I think simplification is the idea behind such light handing in wz4. It's more convenient to set up a light rig with all the light controls in one place. Besides, having lots of lights in a scene may hugely impact performance. Maybe that is why FR guys decided to omit writing code for lights multiplication. That is my guess though and the reason may be different, but I find the light handling in wz4 quite handy.