[Demotool] Enigma Studio 3 by Brain Control

[Demotool] Enigma Studio 3 by Brain Control

Postby erbsen » Tuesday, 24.January 2012, 14:53

Enigma is our engine for 64k intro development and will also be used for demos at a later time. Here's a list of its features:

  • Supports both procedural and loaded geometry.
  • Same is true for textures.
  • Requires shader model 3.0 for rendering.
  • Implements deferred shading
  • Hardware pcf soft shadows
  • Full dynamic frustum culling
  • Post effects system
  • Supports bump-/specular-/refraction-mapping and per-pixel lighting.
  • Supports particle systems, liquid simulations and l-systems
  • Includes an animation system that can modify ANY parameter at ANY time
  • Ultra lightweight scripting system.

It allows to easily construct textures, materials, objects, groups, lightsources, cameras, particle systems, scenes and more while you can instantly see what the final result in the demo will look like. Everything in Enigma is made of a sequence of commands, and you can change every parameter at any time and play around with them until you have exactly what you wanted. Even non-artists can create things easily and quick which makes the work with the tool really fun. Also our current Tunefish v3 synthesizer is integrated tightly into the tool, making it a feature-complete demo production environment.

Image Image

Download Enigma_Studio_3_-_Transplant_Edition.zip

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Re: [Demotool] Enigma Studio 3 by Brain Control

Postby hunta » Saturday, 24.March 2012, 19:02

A new bug fixed Enigma Studio 3 version is available now on github:

* Particle systems are working now + example project showing how to use them
* Problems when compiling player using PopulateSurface operator in demo was fixed
* Step-by-step guide for how to build Enigma Studio 3 and Player is available

hunta / Brain Control
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Re: [Demotool] Enigma Studio 3 by Brain Control

Postby ikam » Wednesday, 28.March 2012, 06:32

I didn't test it yet, but it's look Impressive.
Good job
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Re: [Demotool] Enigma Studio 3 by Brain Control

Postby jobro » Tuesday, 30.October 2012, 03:41

It sure looks impressive! Will test this one.
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Re: [Demotool] Enigma Studio 3 by Brain Control

Postby Arni » Thursday, 29.November 2012, 11:30

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