Deleting spline handles is annoying

Deleting spline handles is annoying

Postby Skinnytorus » Saturday, 14.September 2013, 13:27

I noticed that having selected a spline handle or a couple of handles in 3d view I can not actually delete them by pressing Del (Delete Handles) in 3d view. Instead, this just hides all the handles in para window. And no handle is deleted. They all remain in 3d window. If I click 'hide' in para window, the handles are back.

So, to acutally delete the handles I have to click 'rem' in para window for each single handle I want to delete (selection of 'rem' buttons is always limited to just one handle no matter how many of them are selected in 3d view). Not good at all. Needs a fix.

P.S. By the way, the same goes for Vector op.
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