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Re: customIPP FX

PostPosted: Saturday, 07.June 2014, 09:30
by CybeREX
Thx ikam for working code, its looks amazing, but my pc have so low fps on this code =)
Btw, need to find list of GLSL and HLSL shader commands to compare and better understand of all code.
Try to read some tutorials and manuals about writing shaders then. Need to know basic things about coding.
PS. I continue my work on porting GLSL to HLSL code =)
PS2 what I find, about this two languages, that now most people go to GLSL because of cross platform and mobile. So HLSL in near future will be useless? But again I find tool that produce code from HLSL to GLSL, maybe I have enough luck and find tool that convert it another way - GLSL to HLSL =)

Re: customIPP FX

PostPosted: Saturday, 07.June 2014, 09:36
by ikam
you can try reduce number of iterations to speed up effect.

here: for (float s=.0; s<2. ; s+=.01) => change the 2.0 to less value ie 1.2

opengl is portable yes, but is always same fight between dierctx microsoft and opengl. Directx is the prefered api in game developpmeent it will not be useless.