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PostPosted: Thursday, 29.August 2013, 23:13
by ikam

i'm trying to make a butterfly mesh animation, do you think it's credible ?
I can't make a symetric movement with bonevibrate any idea ?


Re: butterfly

PostPosted: Friday, 30.August 2013, 07:45
by Skinnytorus
Wow. Interesting idea. It's a pity I can't download the file now, but I will this evening ;).
Some thoughts off the top of my head:
- Are you sure that you can't use Vibrate for this purpose? Have you tried maxing out frequency and amplitude?
But anyway, slight is the hope for it to work for this effect... I wish we had bone arc mode in BoneVibrate... [-o<
- Try using several stacked BoneVibrate ops.
- Try to use BoneVibrate together with rotation. But before that,adjust the pivot of the wing.
- If you are going for a grotesque effect, you can use Multiply with limited rotation anim or even particles with animated Wobble.
- Pre-animate the mesh in XSI? But that is cheating, imho :lol:

Edit: Use global varibles for symmetry.

Re: butterfly

PostPosted: Friday, 30.August 2013, 21:26
by Skinnytorus
I looked into your file. Cool idea, bro. Take a look at mine. Not too fancy, but may help you somehow ;)

Re: butterfly

PostPosted: Saturday, 31.August 2013, 07:56
by ikam
nice, it's really much better, thanks.
I adjusted a little bit scripts and it exactly what I want, big thanks

Re: butterfly

PostPosted: Saturday, 31.August 2013, 15:12
by Skinnytorus
Cool stuff, man. I like the slow motion :)
But the butterfly needs a body, don't you think? :lol:

P.S. Here is a cool tutorial on a butterfly moves' animation:
The software is different, but the principles are all there.